A simple graphic editing tool for KDE




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For those who are accustomed to using high quality graphical tools such as GIMP or Krita your needs may be perfectly met with any of these applications; however, there are users who require a simple graphic editor that requires less knowledge to use.

KolourPaint is a free and open source GNU / Linux with which you can draw with simple to use tools and edit images easily.

It has various selection tools, drawing polygons and other geometric shapes, drawing tools for straight lines and curves, customizable color palette, color picker, filler, paint brush, spary, brush and pencil.

KolourPaint also has several tools for editing images and resizing, flipping or rotation. You can also find different effects to apply to our photographs as smoothing, embossing, color adjustment or deformation.

Thus, KolourPaint becomes an ideal tool for anyone who wants a graphical editing tool easy to use.

Architecture: i386

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